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The Bioengineering

A One-Day Voyage into the Future

White Paper

This white paper is the result of the Symposium “The Bioengineering – One Health Alliance in 2050: A One-Day Voyage into the Future”, which took place on the 27th of October, 2022, at the Galeria da Biodiversidade (Biodiversity Gallery), in Porto. 59 participants from different sectors (academia, companies, hospitals and health organisations) and countries joined together to debate the health challenges we expect to be facing by the middle of the century and how bioengineering can contribute to solving them.
The meeting addressed four major societal challenges, each tackled by one of four
panels – Aging: living longer, healthier and socially active; Infectious diseases: anticipating, preventing and treating; Food: in search of sustainability and environmental safety; Digital health: the power to transform society.
The format followed by each panel was as follows. Firstly, the Chair introduced the
topic and major issues at stake. Second, experts from different disciplines (including from the social sciences) were invited to present their predictions and express their perspectives, which could be futuristic but required a sound rationale. Finally, a science journalist moderated a debate, highlighting the areas of agreement and (particularly) disagreement between the speakers’ views to identify major challenges while allowing other participants to voice their views.

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