Luís Velez Lapão

Luís Velez Lapão is a Professor with Habilitation of Health Information Systems and Digital Health at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Head of WHO Collaborating Center on Health Workforce Policy and Planning and Co-Coordinator of the CPLP’s Telemedicine Network, Member of the UNIDEMI Research Center (“excellent” by FCT) and coordinator of the Digital & Smart Healthcare Laboratory. Associated Editor (Digital Health) at Archives of Public Health (since 2022).

He is an appointed member of the WHO Technical Advosory Group on Health Emergencies, Resilience and Preparedness (Preparedness 2.0) since May 2023.

He was President of the General Council of the Lisbon School of Nursing (2017-22). and President of the NGO AGO-Associação para a Cooperação e Desenvolvimento Garcia de Orta ( PhD in Systems Engineering (Healthcare management) from the Technical University of Lisbon, Master in Physics and graduated in Physics Engineering from Technical University of Lisbon. He was Visiting Professor of Healthcare Management at Karolinska Institutet (Medical Management Center) in 2014 and at Dubai University in 2009. He was Visiting Professor of Project Management in Medical Informatics at University of Porto from 2007 to 2009. He was Director of the PACES program (National Institute of Administration/ Ministry of Health) responsible for the training in Management and Leadership for Managers of Primary Health Care in Portugal (2008-10). Coordinated several strategic and reorganization projects in various hospitals and health-centers. He is auditor of the European Commission for the Healthcare Information Systems since 2005.

He works in the areas of innovation and organizational development in health, with emphasis in Capacity Strengthening, Implementation Science, leadership, change management, project management, and management of information systems in health and telemedicine (e.g. the telemedicine system in Cape Verde and Angola, and the European Project Momentum).

He is the Principal Investigator in four research projects: eHospital4Future-Building future through an innovated and digital skilled hospital (2023-25); Smart_Decusion@Crisis (FCT NOVA): aiming at designing & implementing an information situation room for Hospital Cybersecurity and Climate Change (2022-23). PHIRI-Public Health Information Research Infrastucture (UNL): Coordinated by SCIENSANO (Be) it aims at designing & implementing a European Portal for COVID-19 information (2020-23). METHIS (FCT): Designing and implementing a Digital Platform for Primary care (2019-2025).

He is author of over 300 peer reviewed papers ( and seven books/Chapters: Technology Commercialization: DEA and Related Analytical Methods for Evaluating the Use and Implementation of Technical Innovation. (Kluwer 2002); Complexity and Reform of Public Administration: Findings and Case Studies (INA, 2007); “Health Informatics – Best Practices and New Perspectives” (2007); and Handbook of Business Information Systems (World Publishing, 2010). Programa Avançado de Gestão e Liderança para os Gestores dos Cuidados Primários (Editor and Author) Editorial INA, 2010; 40 Anos de Abril na Saúde, Almedina, 2014; Boundaryless Hospital, The importance of time in developing a Boundaryless Hospital: Example from the Northern Portugal, Springer (to be published in 2015).