José Manuel Palma-Oliveira

Professor, CICPSI, Faculty of Psychology, University of Lisbon , Lisbon, Portugal

Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Dept of Systems and Information Engineering, University of Virginia,, +351961504444

Prof. Palma-Oliveira is interested in the interaction between human societies and the environment focused in risk perspectives. Professor of the University of Lisbon, is past-president of SRA- Europe; Fellow since 2012, and 2016’s recipient of the Society of Risk Analysis Presidential Merit Award “for his humanitarian and scientific contributions … (and for being) a distinguished educator and mentor to international students and a leading member of Society in thought and action” ( ). Also is a Distinguished Visiting Scholar of University of Virginia, Dept of Systems and Information Engineering.

He also a member of the Scientific Council of ASAE (Portuguese Food and Drug administration).

He currently lectures in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia etc. about environmental solutions and environmental science (for example public lecture in Colorado about community resilience and global change). He published in environmental history and change and its interaction with social conflicts particularly the patterns of human behaviors in post-agricultural regions like the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

He made significant contributions to environmental and risk policy in Portugal and in the EU. He was the Chairman of Quercus, the most active environmental NGO in Southern Europe, and a member of the Portuguese National Water Council during the 90´s. He was CEO of the Foundation for the Protection of the Salinas (wetlands)

Samouco between 2001 and 2008, and a Board member of the European Federation of Transport and Environment (Brussels–EU advocacy group) from 1997 to 2010. During this time was an invited expert in EU policy working groups (air quality, noise, etc.). In that context he developed a model of modal transport change.

In what regards the private consulting work he is CEO of Palma, Lda,, and a managing partner of Factor Social, and

  1. A former board member and partner, now consultant, of Ambimed (now Stericycle Portugal and that manages hazardous hospital waste where he promoted the installation and construction of a series of autoclaves and incineration facilities, and designed and applied a policy of community engagement (since 1997 until now).
  2. Work with Secil (cement company) for co-processing of alternative fuels (waste) and coordination of the science policy (introducing alternative fuels made from Industrial hazardous waste), and designed and applied a policy of community engagement (since 97 to the present).
  3. Work with ALMINA (Portuguese mining company) coordinating a stakeholders environmental Committee and working as environmental consultant with expertise in the Social License to operate (since 2018).
  4. Was Chairman (mentoring and designing) of Parks of Industrial Ecology (, focusing on waste treatment compounds(from 2007 to 2012). He was involved in the design and implementation of the most advanced solid waste compounds of large areas in Portugal (see

He works currently in Portugal, Tunisia and Brazil. He was the technical and scientific director of some of the most complex environmental impact studies discussed in Portugal: co-incineration of hazardous waste, incineration of hospital waste and Arrábida quarry (secil).

He has 100% success rate in dealing with in the so-called “NIMBY” or high-risk perception projects.

His unique approach to risk communication and risk environmental analysis is based in an attempt of constructing a shared knowledge base and grounded of his profound knowledge of the logic and the pay-off perceived by the different groups at the different decision levels. In is actively working in communities, companies, and critical infrastructures resilience.